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We are so happy and grateful for all of our customers. Living with allergies cost you many sleepless nights. We are proud to get you back to beauty sleep.

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Vegan Silk Bedding Bundle With Duvet Cover
Vegan Silk Bedding Bundle With Duvet Cover

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Vegan Silk Bedding Bundle With Duvet Cover

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Silkx Skin Towels Vegan Silk

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Lavender Vegan Silk Bedding Bundle With Duvet Cover

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Blue Lotus Vegan Silk Bedding Bundle With Duvet Cover

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Minimize breakage, split ends, and frizz for effortless hair.

Have glowing skin every morning with silk's soothing natural moisture.

Kick dust mites, mold and bacteria out of your bed

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Vegan Silk Bedding Bundle With Duvet Cover


  • Deep Pockets 17"
  • Super Sustainable
  • Silky Smooth but better because they're vegan
  • Machine Washable
  • Naturally moisture-wicking
  • Mold Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non Toxic Dyes

The naturally silky, cooling feeling of silk but eco-friendly. Our sheets have a supreme softness. When you want a luxury sleep that...

Top Sheet

Silk Pillowcase- Standard


  • Designed to avoid frizzy curls
  • Made with Silkx Silk to be gentle on your delicate hair
  • Made from 100% highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme
  • Non-toxic dyes
  • ...


Silk Lined Zip Hoodies V2


OVERSIZED HOODIE SET (think 2 sizes over regular!)

Highest quality material, that guarantees exceptional experience and comfort.

The Silk lined hoodie uses 100% Mulberry Silk  not the Silk Satin Synthetic fabric like our competitors.



Millions of people have allergies and can't afford to do anything about it. So on top of using a percentage of every sale to help with that issue. We'd Like to give our customers the opportunity to donate to our initiatives.


Silk Lined Hoodie

Travel Necessity

Love my hoodie, it's all and more than I expected. Don't want travel without this ever again. It has pockets for the random things I need for my kids. ANNND the hood covers your eyes on red eyes. This hoodie is life


Vegan Silk Sheet Bundle- Chamomile

Last sheets I'll Ever Buy

I love my new bed sheets thank you so much


Silk Lined Zip Hoodies V2

I live in this thing

It’s now my only hoodie the rest have been thrown away. I live in this thing. 5 stars ++


Mini Scrunchies

1 year and counting

I LOVE THIS SCRUNCHIE SO MUCH. IT IS THE BEST AND IT DOESN'T SLIDE. I use to lose too much hair when puling out my old hair ties. Not anymore, loved it so much I came back and ordered a set. Some for me and some for my little one and her curls



All of our Mulberry Silk products contain 100% Mulberry silk. Don't take our word for it‼️ We also send silk tester cards (all products over $20). So you can burn a piece and test it for yourself.

SILKX will work in all types of hair! The hood is made oversized to fit the biggest pineapple and be the perfect frizz protector to smooth fine hair. Also since the scrunchie is stretchy, yet holds well. SILKX is ready to take on the thickest, thinnest, and curliest of hair!

6A means that our silk is the finest, highest quality silk. It’s so soft and airy, you’ll feel like you’re wrapping your hair in a cloud. 

To achieve that right balance of long-lasting and light, we use 22-momme silk, which means it’s durable, but not too heavy, making it good in bed and on you.

So silky smooth, but Vegan! Made of Eucalyptus Tencel, they are Supremely soft, with a luxurious sheen yet incredibly easy to care for. If you're not into hand washing, just machine wash delicate/cold and tumble low. 100% Eucalyptus fibers from the tree pulp, so no worries of the oil or smell. It's Hypoallergenic.

We pride ourselves on quality and delivering the best products possible, which is why we make Silkx hoodies, scrunchies, and pillowcases with highest quality silk, delicate washable material designed to last. simply wash with silk fabric care and air dry.


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100% Real
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Ultra-Softness in every fiber

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Embrace the luxury of peaceful and allergy-free nights